The Little Hive Coaching Co Philosophy

Bees are very efficient and effective.

Each bee has a particular role to perform and the thousands of bees in a hive do exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it.

The cycle of a hive continues, day after day, collecting pollen and water, producing honey, making, repairing, filling and capping the honeycomb, and feeding the newly hatched bees and the queen.

One day, an environmental factor—like no pollen or torrential rain, a bushfire or illness in the hive— might prompt the queen to move the colony. When bees swarm and move the hive it is disruptive, but just like a company relocation or new organisation strategy, they just start again: resettling in the new environment and making in their hive thrive.

There are so many features of bee colonies that we can use as metaphors for our own organisations; from finding the next queen by feeding new larvae royal jelly (succession planning); searching far and wide for pollen and water (resource planning); continuously ducking swipes from humans and dodging hungry birds (hostile industry conditions); but most of all we see collaboration to fulfil the cycle of a hive.

So, imagine if each person knew exactly what they were supposed to do, working to their potential every day? What could they achieve individually, and as a team? Imagine that in times of change, the disruption was taken in their stride, because adaptability is deeply embedded in your culture.

The Little Hive Coaching Company can help you achieve this type of high-performance culture, so speak to Vanessa to get your hive buzzing.

Vanessa Kirley - Director

Phone: +61 416 063568

Individual Coaching

Enabling leaders to build on their existing strengths and address growth opportunities through exploration and reflection

Team Coaching

Enabling teams to reach a potential that is greater than the sum of the individual members by making the invisible visible


Actively engaging participants to achieve desired outcomes.

Change Management

Working with sponsors, managers & teams to deliver organisational change.

Team Effectiveness

Organisations cannot achieve their potential without effective teams

Organisation Design and Diagnostic

About Vanessa Kirley, Director

"Vanessa is a People and Organisational Development Master Practitioner with extensive international experience"

Vanessa’s organisational development and coaching enables individuals and teams to be successful where fundamental change is happening. Working at all levels in multifaceted organisations, uncovering and growing leadership ability, Vanessa enables leaders to achieve greater effectiveness.

As an experienced coach, working with leaders and teams to orientate and move through change, Vanessa tailors her coaching by drawing on strength-based, cognitive-behavioural, and solutions-focused approaches. An excellent communicator, collaborator and facilitator all combine with Vanessa’s strategic thinking to carefully engage with leaders and teams to diagnose and implement complex organisational change.

Vanessa thrives on working with people to find solutions to their capability and organisational challenges and leveraging good practices. She understands the day to day challenges that managers and supervisors are juggling when change initiatives come along, enabling people to develop capability and demonstrate the desired organisational culture.

Having worked across multiple industry sectors, international boundaries and functions Vanessa’s wide experience gives her a unique perspective when working with leaders in complex organisations.

Vanessa has lived and worked in six countries across Asia Pacific, the United States and Europe, including the UK; along with short and long-term assignments in over 15 countries, as diverse as Kazakhstan, Egypt, Malaysia and Belgium; all providing Vanessa with a wealth of cultural understanding.

Originally from the east coast of Australia, Vanessa now lives in Perth with her family, learning apiculture and learning sheep dog herding when not helping clients to get their hives buzzing.

Industry experience

  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial Gases
  • Higher Education
  • Health Services
  • Business & Professional services


  • Masters of Organisational Development from the world renowned Roffey Park Institute at Sussex University
  • Bachelor of International Business & Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing / HR) from Griffith University, QLD
  • Graduate Certificate in Change Management from Australian Graduate School of Management, NSW

Vanessa is certified in:

  • Everything DiSC Psychometric Assessments
  • Lencioni’s Five Behaviours of Cohesive Teams, (Powered by Everything DiSC)
  • Lego Serious Play Facilitation
  • Team Coaching and Levels 1 & 2 Organisational Coaching with Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (ICEL)
  • Narrative Coaching with Dr David Drake (in progress)

Vanessa’s clients include:

  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore
  • Anglo American
  • Western Power
  • University of WA
  • Lee Hecht Harrison
  • Jadestone Energy